Difference between flea/ticks bites vs bed bug bites

Many a times when people get bite or any red swollen mark found on body the first thing comes to their mind is about mosquito bite and second is bed bugs. Very few people know about fleas. The identification of Pest is very important because the treatment of both the pest varies.It can be difficult […]

Mosquito Hovering Over Head

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous species in the world. Mosquitoes are attracted towards carbon dioxide, body heat and body odor. Mosquito can sense body heat and carbon dioxide from 300mtrs. The receptors present on mosquito antenna help them to find their food source. The more you sweat the more you attract mosquitoes. Pregnant women and […]

Zika Coming Soon

Zika, A mosquito borne disease spread by Aeges Aegpyti.  The virus was detected in Brazil suspected in increase in birth defects that results in newborns with smaller head than normal head size. After initial appearance in Brazil he virus has rapidly spread in other Latin American countries. The mosquito Aedes Aegypti responsible for Zika transmission […]

Flushing Drain Flies

A thorough investigation is the keystone of solving fly problems. Foremost in the process is identification of the species causing the problem. Experienced Pest control technician can usually readily identify common filth fly adults. However, smaller flies are difficult to identify even with magnification and experience and may require the assistance of an entomologist. Fly […]

Peregrine Falcon near extinction due to Mosquitoes

Malaria is the most common disease spread almost all over the world. Every year 250-300 million cases of Malaria are recorded. Maximum cases of death recorded in African region. Malaria disease is a major obstacle for economic development of any country. To stop this disease a synthetic chemical was discovered in 1873 called DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane). […]

Pests and Diseases

 A person affected by asthma in India is much higher than that of other diseases like TB & HIV. As per the recent data it is stated that India has about ten percent of the global asthma burden. India has an estimated 15-19 million asthmatics. Asthma is not just a problem for developed countries. In developing countries, […]

Organic Pest Control

Having a money plant and cactus in your house is so predictable. Now a day’s people in India-Mumbai are attracting towards more exciting Carnivorous plant gardening. Nurseries in the city are selling them by the dozen to enthusiastic gardeners. These fascinating plants are categorized as carnivorous as they trap insects, produce digestive juices, dissolve the […]

Mosquito Control in Mumbai

Disease spread by mosquitoes like dengue and malaria has struck over 1.12 million people in the country last year. In India 34 per cent of global dengue and 11 per cent of global malaria cases were reported. Mumbai and Navi Mumbai area has become an endemic place for malaria and dengue so it is not surprising […]

Facts of Cockroach

 Cockroaches are scavengers. They eat just about anything; glue, grease, soap, wallpaper paste, leather, book bindings, or even hair. Cockroaches are Coptophagous – Eat their own faecal matter. Cockroach can survive for more than 3-4 months without food. Cockroaches can live for weeks without their heads Cockroaches mate one time; the female stores the male’s […]

Difference between pest control services and fumigation services

Many citizens don’t know the difference between pest control services and fumigation services. Few consumers call the pest control company and ask for fumigation services at their home. Lack of complete knowledge can place the consumer in serious health problem. Let’s have a look after the correct usage of the term as the difference between […]