Pest Control during Renovation

All renovation works starts with a house that needs some work or some new look. It might be your old house you’ve lived in for years, or it might be a new house. Preventive measures against structural and household pests should be taken during the renovation work of a house, because such measures are most effective and economical at that time. Pest proofing at the time of construction offers new challenge and opportunity to the building and pest control industries. It provides the opportunity for prevention, which is generally less expensive and always more satisfactory than cure. Insects such as flies, mosquitoes are not amenable to control by this method. Nevertheless, pest proofing during construction provides the means by which a high degree of long-term control of certain important structural and household pests can be affected. Treatment for subterranean termites and ply spray is most important during renovation. Furniture which are fixed on wall are more vulnerable to termites, hence treatment before fixing the unit is very important. Wood damaging pests like wood borer often enter your home with the wood utilized during carpenter work. Wood borer can create lot of damage after few years.

Pest control during renovation

Pest control during renovation


Benefits of Pest Control treatment during renovation:

1. Chemical absorption into the walls and flooring area is higher compared to renovated house.
2. Drilling can be avoided.
3. Most effective and provides longer protection.
4. Get access for treatment in all vulnerable areas.
5. Economical.




The Pest Prevention treatment from Rajashree Pest Control gives protection from the renovation stage. Customers should insist pest control work from their architects and builders for longer protection. To find out more about how we can protect your site from pests or deal with any current pest problem, please call us on +919222244404 or contact us to arrange a visit by a surveyor who will suggest the precautionary measures and understand the needs of architecture and construction businesses.