Mosquito Hovering Over Head

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous species in the world. They hover on our head  because Mosquitoes are attracted towards carbon dioxide, body heat and body odor. They can sense body heat and carbon dioxide from 300mtrs. The receptors present on mosquito antenna help them to find their food source. The more you sweat the more you attract mosquitoes. Pregnant women and drunken people release more carbon dioxide and heat hence more prone to mosquito bite. Human head secrets oil and ears secrets waxes which acts as a greasing agent. The ear wax attracts mosquitoes a lot. Mosquitoes use human hairs as a camouflage. Mosquito wings make that buzzing sound. The sound becomes bigger as they arrive near your ears. A deodorant or perfume hides body odor which makes mosquitoes confused and repels.

Mosquito hovering over head

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