Cockroach Pest Control

There are around 4,500 different kinds of cockroaches living on Earth. But only a few of them are found in cities. Cockroaches eat anything. They like to live in warm places near food and water sources. This is why they often infest buildings, restaurants and houses. But cockroaches are not good for human health. They can cause allergies and asthma attacks, especially in kids. They can also carry many types of bacteria. Mumbai has a climate that is ideal for cockroach breeding. That’s why we offer a convenient and affordable cockroach pest control service at Rajashree Pest Control in Mumbai.

Cockroach Pest Control-Baiting Treatment (Herbal Gel treatment)

Herbal gel pest control is a new and effective way to control cockroaches with minimal impact on human activity.

How Cockroach herbal gel treatment works:

We apply a small amount of Herbal Gel at strategic locations using a syringe. The Gel is attractive to cockroaches and they eat it. The Gel has a cascading effect. It means that the cockroaches that eat the Gel contaminate other cockroaches as well. This leads to better control and faster elimination of the cockroach population. The Gel also prevents re-infestation. We apply the Gel mainly in the kitchen and pantries, where most of the cockroaches are. But we also apply it in the toilet and other parts of the premises. The Gel is safe for infants and pets as it is applied in places where they cannot reach it. The Gel can also be applied to sensitive areas such as electrical control boxes, kitchen appliances, computers etc. without damaging them. But do not spray any insecticide or aerosol on the Gel as it can reduce its effectiveness.

Advantages of Cockroach Pest Control Herbal Gel treatment:

• No smell • Safe for sensitive areas such as kitchen appliances, computers, electrical control boards, record rooms etc. as it contains low dosage of active ingredient. • No need to vacate the premises during or after treatment. • No need to empty drawers or cover up food or do any special preparations before the treatment. Not a repellent but an attractant - This bait contains insect growth regulator as active ingredient which only affects specific insects like cockroaches. This active ingredient is mixed with feeding stimulants like food attractants and pheromones specialized chemicals that help insects identify each other.

Cockroach Pest Control - Spray Treatment:

Before The Treatment: 1) Remove all utensils, containers, raw and cooked food from the kitchen (or from the area where you make tea etc. in offices) and keep them on the dining table or in the middle of the drawing or some other room. Cover them with an old bed sheet or newspapers so that the insecticide does not fall on them by accident. 2) The insecticide can react with plastic and silver. So keep all plastic and silver items away under cover. Please cover all the plastic items such as TV, Audio Systems, Telephone Instruments etc.

During the Treatment: Do not close the windows. Many people think that cockroaches die by breathing in the vapour of the insecticide. But this is not true. They die when they touch the insecticide. Keeping the windows closed is harmful for the people who are inside the premises at the time of treatment.

After the Treatment: After the treatment, do not touch anything for about two hours. After two hours wipe the surfaces that have been sprayed with our insecticide with a dry cloth only. Do not wash those surfaces for about two days. This way the insecticide will remain effective for longer.

This spray treatment is effective against cockroaches, ants, lizards and spiders. In case of society or common area pest control this spray treatment is done in society common areas like staircase, manholes, terrace, lift pits, compound area, shafts etc.

Why do Cockroach pest control:

Cockroach can spread diseases like

• Dysentery • Cholera • Typhoid Fever • Food poisoning • Allergens that can cause asthma Pest Control for cockroaches at home

  1. Keep your counters, sinks, tables and floors clean and free of clutter. Clean dishes, crumbs and spills right away.
  2. Store food in sealed containers, and never leave food out (including pet food!).
  3. Close cracks and gaps in walls, floors and openings around or inside cabinets. If you live in a condo or an apartment, you should also close gaps around plumbing, wall outlets, and switch plates.
  4. Use water occasionally in spare bathrooms and sinks that are not used often.
  5. Check children’s backpacks when they come back home, as well as grocery items before storing them.
  6. If you still find a cockroach infestation in your home, contact Rajashree Pest Control for help with elimination and prevention.

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