Zika Coming Soon

Zika, A mosquito borne disease spread by Aeges Aegpyti.  The virus was detected in Brazil suspected in increase in birth defects that results in newborns with smaller head than normal head size. After initial appearance in Brazil he virus has rapidly spread in other Latin American countries. The mosquito Aedes Aegypti responsible for Zika transmission is already present in America and expected to grow in coming period.

Zika was first discovered in 1940s in Zika forest in Uganda. The Zika virus belongs to the family of virus like chikungunya and Dengue. Zika virus is transmitted through Aedes Aegpyti mosquito. The same mosquito species responsible for spreading dengue and chikungunya. The common symptoms of Zika are acute illness, body rashes and prolonged fever. Brazil initiated surveillance for birth defects. They identified babies with defects and were able to detect virus in their tissue, thus confirming the link between Zika virus and congenital defects. Around 4000 cases of newborn have been identified.

As this is a new pathogen no vaccines has been discovered so far. Considering the fact that vaccines for similar virus Dengue and Chikungunya has been discovered and developed, Hence iIt is feasible that vaccines for Zika virus also will discovered soon. Chikungunya virus originated in Africa and within few months it was spread all over the world. Similarly Zika is spreading its wings. To prevent Zika destroy mosquito breeding places, get regular pest control done and avoid travelling in Zika infected areas.     

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