Pests and Diseases

 A person affected by asthma in India is much higher than that of other diseases like TB & HIV. As per the recent data it is stated that India has about ten percent of the global asthma burden. India has an estimated 15-19 million asthmatics. Asthma is not just a problem for developed countries. In developing countries, however, the incidence of the disease varies greatly.

Research shows that cockroaches and Bed bugs are one of the most common household pests that carry allergens that can cause skin rashes, chronic stuffy nose, itchy eyes and acute asthma attacks. Cockroach’s fecal matter, body parts, urines which become part of the household dust can be harmful and lead to asthma and allergies. Cockroach allergens behave like dust mites which sticks to heavy dust particles which settles down easily. Dust particles settled on cushions, bed sheets, and mattress gets stirred during vacuuming or other cleaning process and gets inhaled. Kitchens are highly affected areas as water and food both available for pests. The liquidator coils used for repelling mosquitoes can also lead to asthma.

Cockroach and bed bugs allergens can be avoided by maintaining hygiene reduce humidity, washing of bedding in hot water on regular intervals and pest control for cockroaches and bed bugs on regular intervals.

cockroach fecal matter

cockroach fecal matter

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