Rajashree Pest Control Services

Since 1989, Rajashree Pest Control has been diligently providing unparalleled pest control services in Mumbai. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality services is unwavering, with customer satisfaction serving as our utmost priority. Each pest control service is conducted by our certified technicians who possess extensive training in the latest pest management techniques.

At Rajashree Pest Control, we go above and beyond by customizing our pest control services to precisely meet the unique requirements of each client, which we identify through our comprehensive survey.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services in Mumbai

Employing the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we actively provide comprehensive pest control services in Mumbai. At every stage of the process, from survey to implementation, our team of skilled pest management professionals takes charge. Our utmost priority is to uphold superior standards of quality and safety, fostering strong and lasting business relationships with our valued customers, all while ensuring their well-being.

Convenient Locations and Coverage

Our office is located at prime locations in Central and South Mumbai - Fort, Lower Parel, Andheri, Thane, Dombivli, providing convenient access for our clients. We offer comprehensive pest control services that cover the entire Mumbai region, delivering effective solutions for all your pest problems.

Technical Excellence and Ongoing Support

At Rajashree Pest Control, we actively demonstrate our unwavering commitment to technical excellence through the provision of comprehensive training to our experienced team members. Moreover, our senior staff members have received training from esteemed institutes such as CFTRI (Central Food Technology Research Institute) and NIPHM (National Institute of Plant Health and Management). By diligently staying updated on the latest technical advancements and regulatory changes, we ensure that our knowledge remains current and our preparedness unmatched. Consequently, we possess the flexibility to readily adapt to evolving circumstances while effectively upholding our expertise in the industry. Furthermore, our expert team goes above and beyond by providing continuous technical support for all our pest control services, ensuring that our valued clients receive unparalleled assistance throughout their pest management journey.

Diverse Range of Facilities and Expertise

Our team of pest control professionals is highly skilled and possesses diverse expertise in various aspects of pest management. With extensive experience serving a wide range of facilities, including government-inspected and food processing facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, residential societies, restaurants, schools, multi-family properties, warehouses, hotels, doctors’ offices, healthcare facilities, factories, ships and vessels, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, IT office buildings, and the pharmaceutical industry, our team is well-equipped to handle any pest-related challenges. We take pride in going beyond mere pest control; we are your dedicated pest management professionals and we take every necessary precaution to ensure the complete elimination of pests and termites from your home or business.

We offer both commercial and residential pest control services for pests like cockroaches, rodents, anti termite, anti termite for foundation, silverfish, fleas, ticks, spiders, bed bugs, pigeon and dog ticks, ants, lizards, and mosquitoes.

Why Rajashree Pest Control Services?

We are proud to offer a range of exceptional services:

  • Round-the-clock complaint service, available seven days a week with prior appointment.
  • Warranty on stamp paper for Pre-Construction Anti Termite Control Treatment.
  • Reliable, friendly, and punctual service you can count on.
  • 24/7 customer support for any inquiries or concerns.
  • Free spot treatment if any pest issue arises during the contract period.
  • Serving the community with reliable Pest Control Services since 1989.
  • Highly trained and certified technicians ensuring top-notch service.
  • Complimentary inspection and quotation to assess your needs.
  • Utilization of advanced herbal gel treatment for effective cockroach and ant control.
  • Maintaining audit reports in compliance with relevant requirements.
  • Implementing an integrated pest management approach for comprehensive pest control.
  • Exclusively using chemicals approved by the Central Insecticide Board of India.
  • Offering free Integrated Pest Control training programs for both commercial and residential clients.

We are committed to delivering excellence and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Your home is your heaven. If you are facing any pest-related problems, feel free to reach out to Rajashree Pest Control today for effective solutions.