Santization – Disinfection services

What is sanitization & why it is required?
Sanitizing is cleaning an article and any surface of some or all of the pathogens which may cause infection.

Why Now?
Outbreak of Pandemic cases of viruses and bacterial infections.

How sanitization services / Microbial disinfection helps?
Sanitizing service / Microbial Disinfection is an effective treatment designed by Rajashree Pest Control. Sanitization process contains a unique formulation with powerful composition that surpasses all other disinfectants. Sanitizing agent is a judiciously formulated broad spectrum antivirus composed of blend of organic based chemicals.

Active Ingredients - Blend of anti-viral and alcohol based.
Mode of Action - Solvent based disinfectant (Ready to use)

Sanitization / Sterifume – Treatment Process
In order to be successful, certain preparations from the customer site are required. Client has to ensure all important or sensitive equipment are removed or covered with plastic sheets (non-removable items), e.g. computers, research tools and equipments.  Client needs to do a normal cleaning before and after our treatment because there will be some minimal stains after the ventilation process is completed.
The enclosed treatment areas need to be quarantined for a minimum of three hours. Our trained technicians will be fully equipped with a proper PPE for this treatment.

Sanitizing will be carried out with sanitizing agent, using Ultra Low Volume misting machines (ULV). The enclosed treatment area will be exposed with the solution for a minimum of three hours. Premise is ready to use after three hours of the treatment.

Note: Frequent sanitization service recommended for better result.


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