Pest Control for Case Moth

Case bearing moth also called as Case making moth. The larvae are smaller in size 3/8inch long that live within a small brown case. They carry as they feed. The larvae have dark brown head capsule. Case making moth goes through a complete metamorphosis. From egg to larvae, pupae and adult like a butterfly. Adult moths do not feed, Larvae are the stage which feeds them and damages fabrics. In houses they feed on cotton, wool fabrics, blankets, wool or a silk material which is rich of keratin. Adult Case bearing moths are approximately 1cm long. The wings and body is of brownish golden color.

Female moth starts laying eggs (37-48) on suitable larval food like fabrics. The larva feeds for about 30-90 days and molts 5-10 times. The mature larva then finds a safe dark place to pupate. The insect pupates within the silken larval case. Developmental period (egg to adult) requires 45-115 days.

Case macase mothking moth larvae remains within the case and dies after removing from case. Woolen cloths need a special attention. It is
vital that garments are cleaned thoroughly before being stored. Napthapalene balls also help to repel case moths. The larvae feed on the sweat and body oil left on clothes. Dry cleaning is the best preventive measure to keep those pests away from your clothes. It kills all the moth stages. Regular vacuuming and cleaning helps to reduce the infestation. Dampness an
d moisture also invites moths. Many a times this case bearing moths found at home crawling on the wall. Because of the outer soil case it becomes difficult to differentiate between the dust particle and case moth.


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