CORONA – Covid-19

Corona is a group of viruses. Corona virus already existed worldwide. Corona virus is new because few cases of Pneumonia registered in Wuhan China of unknown etiology. At initial stage it was not recognized. Later it was noticed as a new virus though it belongs to group of corona viruses, so it was named Novel Corona virus (Novel means New). Sars Geno and Novel corona Geno is nearly same hence WHO renamed it as SARS-CoV-2 (virus).COVID -19 is the disease name, and it is spread by Novel Corona Virus.

How Corona Virus (SARS-COV-2 COVID 19) is spread:
Corona Virus is not airborne disease. Whenever a human sneezes and cough, thousands of droplets are release at a speed of 100miles per hour at distance of 1 meter. If any corona virus infected person sneezes or cough and non-infected person standing in front of him or infected sneezing droplets fall on any surface and non-infected person comes in that contact with that surface then he/she can get infected.

Symptoms at Early stage:
1. Fever( High grade)
2. Dry Cough
3. Diarrhea
4. Nausea

Symptoms at advance stage:
1. Pneumonia
2. Bronchitis.
3. Shortness of breath

A swab is taken from throat.

Currently no recommend treatment is available. Now treatment is supportive. EX: If somebody is having fever then they will treat for fever, if having cold then accordingly they will treat.

1. If I am having cough and cold so am I infected with Corona Virus?
Ans: No. You should have some international travel history to Corona affected country OR exposure to COVID 19 infected person.

2. Wearing Mask is useful?
Ans: If you have any above symptoms then wear mask.

3. Can pets at home spread the corona virus?
Ans: At present there is no evidence that animals / pets such as dogs, cats can be infected with corona virus. However it is always good to wash hands with soap and water after contact with pets.

4. Can Corona Virus survive in hot and humid climate?
Ans: Yes, Few Cases of Corona reported in Gulf countries too.

5. Does Smoking have an effect on the Corona Virus?
Ans: Smoking does not protect against COVID-19. In fact smoking is deadly. People underlying health conditions such as heart disease, which can be exacerbated by smoking are higher risk of severe Corona virus COVID-19.

6. Does the new corona virus affect older people, or are younger people also susceptible?
Ans: Yes, children and older people are more susceptible than normal adult person to corona virus as they have low immunity level and cause of pre-existing medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease)

7. Can corona virus spread through faeces?
Ans: Like other corona virus this virus can be found in faeces but the primary spreading of Covid-19 is by close contact.

1. Washing hands frequently after every 20 mins with soap and water.
2. Use hand sanitizer frequently.
3. Avoid close contact with other persons (social distancing).
4. Avoid consuming cold beverages.
5. Use of Personal protective equipment (eg. face mask, gloves, glasses)
6. Maintain personal hygiene.
7. Maintain home hygiene by doing Home sanitization treatment from Licensed Pest control operator.


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